December times!

So its finally this time of year again! As you know if you’re a regular reader of my blog, I’ve been excited about Christmas since about September time.

Leading up to December I’ve had mixed feelings, torn between splurging money on Christmas or focusing on what is important with this holiday. We’re in a rough patch with our economy at the moment, and have been for a little while. We have less to spend this Christmas, than the last year – yet my ambitions are greater. I’ve really had to hold myself back and think with my head rather than my heart.

I would love to cover the house in red, green and silver decor, Christmas at every corner, but unfortunately we do not own such an amount of decorations. Every year I think to myself – This year, I’ll really go all out! And when November, December finally hits, I realize we’re not in a financial position to just buy and buy. So when it comes to Christmas, what is really the important thing? Is it how many decorations you have, or would you have a lush Christmas meal? We picked Meal. We were clever this year and saved all our Tesco club card points and managed to cash in £70 of voucher for frozen food. We have got two legs of lambs and a turkey sat in the freezer waiting to be cooked. We also stacked up on loads of party food bits that we can enjoy thru ought the holiday.

However, I’ve still managed to stay very excited, even if I’ve had to pinch myself and say no. The Christmas decoration has already gone up, Lewis and Jake had fun decorating the tree this evening.

When I made the decision to move to England, my friends asked “How are you going to do Christmas?” Christmas is probably the largest holiday celebrated around the world, but everyone has their own twist to it. Some eat turkey, some eat fish, some have duck and some pork roast. Some celebrate Christmas eve and others Christmas morning.

In Norway I always grew up with celebrating Christmas eve, by waking up in the morning to watch two films; Three Gifts for Cinderella (a lovely Czechoslovakian film from the 70’s) and a Norwegian film The journey to the Christmas star, then to get our Christmas stockings to dig into. Then we’d spend a whole day preparing a lovely meal, and I remember it was always draaaaaaging along. One generally to open the Christmas presents when the dark hits outside, but we never got around to doing ours until 6-7 pm – which on a little kid, is torture.

So how what was I going to do with Christmas? I’ve spent many hours pondering upon this matter and I think I’ve finally found a way we all can live with. The way I see it, I moved to here, so I’d have to adapt. I feel its weird celebrating Christmas morning as the big day, since I’ve always been used to celebrate little Christmas eve and Christmas eve, but I can quite happily deal with it. What turned out to be the weirdest thing for me to adapt to was breaking my tradition of decorating the tree on the 23rd, little Christmas eve. The first year I was near enough hell bent on not having the tree out till the 23rd and most certainly not just throw the decorations up. I’d been used to my step-sister and me decorating our tree in lovely colour schemes that would match the rest of the room. But what I didn’t see, it that I was spoiling the fun for Lewis. Him and Lister had never had any special day to do the tree, but he felt waiting all the way till the 23rd was torture.

So I had to look hard into myself, and I realized I’m not the kid anymore. I should pass the torch on and let Lewis have his fun decorating the tree, how he wants it. Of course I help and I’ve also managed to get the tinsel down to a manageable level. I’ve never had tinsel on trees and the first year I was horrified on how terrible the tree looked! Lister thought I was spoiling the fun of tree decorating for the kids, and I was, but not consciously. But now, we’re all good. I allow tinsel, as long as its all the same, and not hundred different colours *smirks*

This is now the 3rd Christmas that our little family is having, its Jacob’s second Christmas. I’ve realized that I’ve given up the Norwegian way of celebrating Christmas, but that doesn’t mean I cant bring a little bit of Norwegian into our English Christmas. This year I’m baking loads of Norwegian Christmas treats and of course – My Norwegian Gingerbread recipe. I’m going to show you all how I bake it and leave the recipes as well, so if you want a little bit of Norwegian in your, you can do like me!

Enough chat now, on to the pictures!


Lewis and Jake working on the tree!


Jake loving the baubles!



I’ve started the Christmas card wall! Hopefully by Christmas time it will be full of lovely cards!


I also managed to get a hold of some lovely metal cake tins! Its a must have for the Christmas treats!


And I was clever and used some of the tinsel I didn’t fancy having on the tree to decorate the oh so horrible gas pipes in the hallway!

This will most certainly not be the last post you’ll see before Christmas, I can’t wait to start all my baking – and share it too!

What traditions couldn’t you be without on Christmas?


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