DIY Christmas wreath/ door decoration

I have for a long time been thinking of starting a category here on my blog called “Being thrifty” and now I’ve finally taken the step to do it.

In our daily life I always look for ways to save money, but still have a decent quality of life. A great time to think about savings is Christmas! I’m appalled at people who ends up in debt over Christmas. I know how it feels having the pressure to afford everything around Christmas, believe me we are so short on cash this year, but that doesn’t mean you have to borrow money to afford it – just be a bit thrifty! I love to decorate and for the past few years I’ve been wanting to get a Christmas wreath. However the nice one’s are between £5-15, which is just shocking! There is no way we’ll be able to afford that, we would rather spend that on presents for the kids. But that doesn’t mean your door have to go without decoration!

This is a tutorial on how I made our thrifty Christmas door decoration for less than a £1!


What you need: Some holly branches, preferably with some berries on. Some Christmas decoration – anything that you fancy having on your decoration. The trick here is to use what you got. Then you need a pair of scissors and some sandwich bag twisters (or something similar)

1. Start off by peeling the  paper of plastic off the metal sandwich bag twisters, so that you are left with five or six just bare metal twisters.



2. Then you start arranging your holly to how you like it. I layered mine with the branch that had berries on it was on top. If you have little ones or animals, do be very careful because holly is poisonous and it would not be good if someone were to consume one of the berries. Holly is really easy to get a hold of. Near enough any woods and forests have some, some people even have some in their garden. Just take a pair of heavy duty scissors with you and trim a few good looking branches off. (Remember to ask if you’re having some out of peoples garden)DSC_0128

3. Now pick up your bare metal twisters and secure all the branches together. It does not matter how it looks where you’ve twisted them together, we’ll cover this later.


4. Next I trimmed the decorations I wanted on it, in this case some plastic silver bells. I picked a whole bag of these up in the charity shop for 50 pence. Charity shops have loads of Christmas decorations for a cheap pound this year, and some of them are even brand new!


5. I then tied these three bells onto the front of my holly branches. I literally just used the little chain they are on to secure them at the back of the decoration.


So now it looks like this!


6. Now I went on to add the red tinsel. I cut a piece about 10 cm long and threaded a metal twister through it. And then tied it onto the holly branches, covering the twisters we’ve already used.


7. Next I took two metal twisters and twisted these together in one end to they made a long twister. This I stuck in between the holly branches and snuck it under the tinsel so the only bits you could see was the two bits sticking out on top. These are for putting your Christmas decoration up on your door with.


And now you’re finished! All you have to do now is to hang it up on your door and admire your work! I stuck our onto our door knock. Just tuck the bits of metal down back into the tinsel when you’ve secured it to the door knock.





I think it turned out quite nice! It’s not a stunning piece of art, like the ones you can buy, but our door now looks really festive none the less! And it only took about 30 minutes and cost less than a £1 – Now that, I can afford!

A very merry Ho Ho Ho to this thrifty Christmas!


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