16 months!

So my little snuggles is 16 months today! I can’t believe how quick times flies and how magnificent and clever he is. He now has twelve teeth, loves to walk around and tries to run, he will repeat near enough any sound you make and loves his animal books where he repeats the sounds the animals make.

His favorite pastime is climbing in and out of his high chair (its on it’s floor setting which means its as high as a normal baby chair), ragging the Christmas tree, so its now naked from the waist down and stealing all my raw potatoes and putting them in various cupboards.

The past month, he’s been up to this:

DSC_0022Eating (or playing) with spaghetti! Yum!

DSC_0021Stealing magnets of Lucy’s fridge with Leo at Lucy’s babyshower

DSC_0027Emptying out most if his toy box only to lay in it!

DSC_0063Having fun with Lewis

DSC_0103Decorating Christmas trees (and taking it all off again)

DSC_0110He loves the guinea pigs at Pets at Home!

DSC_0118And when he saw the bunny they had, he said “woof, woof!”

I’m really excited for Christmas now, only just over a week to go. Jake does not yet understand the concept of Christmas, but he sure knows what to do with a present! *claps hands excitedly*

(short post today : ) )


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