Merry Christmas 2012!

We’ve had a splendid Christmas so far! With over 30 Christmas cards received, good company and not to mention – good food!

We’ve been watching much good Tv and consumed lots of delicious food. Eggnog, leg of lamb in red wine, chocolate gateaus, gingerbread – the list is endless. I also received some lovely presents, a new computer chair and gorgeous shoes from my loved one and a fantastic cookbook with a duo colour icing set! I can’t wait to try it out!

However I think Jacob is the one who won the haul of pressies this year, and I expect it to carry on like this for the next few years!

DSC_0294He got lovely presents, his favourite is the Mr. Drum set from Nanny and Grandad!

DSC_0273The Christmas card wall looked wonderful finished!

DSC_0274I got creative with the gingerbread house this year. Designed it all myself, cut the shapes out and made all the dough from scratch. Great fun! Lewis has his own to decorate that he gave to Nanny.


DSC_0282We went all out on sweets and treats this year : )

DSCF1825 - CopyJake thought he hit the jackpot when he found out Brooke had given him chocolate buttons!

DSCF1789 - Copy - CopyYay! Chocolate coins!

DSCF1800 - CopyMummy kissies! My current profile picture on facebook! : )

DSCF1896Lewis loved his remote controlled car!

DSCF1839They both got a lovely doggie teddy, how ever it was the same size as Jacob! Cuddle!

DSCF1890Jake liked the look of his Mr. Drum before it was even out of the box!

DSCF1854Mummy (me) for very exited when I saw my present!

DSC_0293Thank you! I’m going to be baking all week!

DSCF1832I loves these too – thank you husband! ♥

DSC_0291We also have some incredibly soppy and daft animals that were enjoying Christmas the way they could. Kimu by christening our new pc chairs!

DSCF1784 - Copy (2)Molly by opening – and eating! her presents.

DSCF1761 - CopyBoomer by giving me hassle when wrapping them!

Oh and not to mention..

DSCF1755 - Copy

Now we are heading quickly towards 2013 and I’ve intended on making a new year resolutions list this year. Hopefully I’ll be able to get it out before we find us in the new year! Stay tuned!

And a very Merry Christmas!


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