New Years resolutions for 2013

My new years resolutions for 2013 are as follows:

  • Loose weight. Preferably 10 lbs – if more, that’s wonderful work me!
  • Write more blogs
  • Pass my driving test
  • Pass my opening course – Making sense of the arts.
  • Start my Bachelor in humanities and creative writing
  • Get a job. (Only available after summer when Lewis has started secondary school)
  • Read one book a week. I read a lot as it, but it would be fun to do a book a week challenge.
  • Swear less. Sometimes I got such a potty mouth, and it is not lady like. *Smiles*

I will get back to you on how I do, but I think they are all realistic goals and I’m going to work to keep them.

2012 has been, financially, a hard year for us. Some month’s the fridge was empty and we went without hot water for a few days until we could afford gas. Several times we had to choose between food or electric. I remember the days when me and Lister had noodles with a can of tuna between us for dinner and let the boys have whatever meat we had.

But now that will change.

My wonderful and clever husband has had a second raise of the year at work and a promotion! I’m so proud of you my hubby dearest and I love you always. Congratulations!

With him earning more and me getting a job when Lewis goes off to secondary school after summer, life will become easier – money wise.

We’ve proved we can hold it together when it gets rough and I believe we’re stronger together for it. I know when we first moved in together, 3 years january 20th, a lot of people said we would “crash and burn” after not very long. – To all of you, we’re still going strong!

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope 2013 will bring joy and happiness all around!

(pardon if my writing is funny, I’ve had one or two drinks *winks*)


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