2013 so far!

2013 is proving to be a very busy year so far, I’m not sure if I want it to continue at this speed!

We were involved in a car incident right before new years, not our fault. Some lady just drove straight into our right side exiting a roundabout, which sent us right up the curb on the left side. The car is “fine” but it ripped all the under trays off underneath and of course got a lovely scratch on the right side, and a few minor bits. Lister and Lewis both suffer a bit, Lister with back pain and Lewis with minor whiplash. They are seeing the doctor on Monday about this. Due to this we’re getting about six insurance company and solicitor calls a day, they also advice after an accident you should buy a new car seat for the kids. Jake is the only one in a car seat, Lewis just has a booster now. Luckily the insurance covers the expenses of the new car seat. Yay! I’d rather we weren’t involved in things like this, but that we can get a new car seat is a lovely little bonus.

I’m also hammering my driving now. I got my driving test booked the 4th of February and I’m quite nervous. I got a new driver instructor, whom I really like, so hopefully *fingers crossed* I’ll do well on the 4th. Is it bad that I’m so desperate to pass because of how much it costs? Yes, it would be nice to pass the first time because I’m good at it, but my main motivation for passing first time is for what we have to pay. Its £74 for the test itself and another £22 for the hire of the driver instructors car. I’d hate to fail and have to fork out for that again.

On top of this I’m getting really busy with my studying as well. I got lots to read and got a TMA (big paper) coming up in the beginning of February. (And after all of that, its my birthday!)

I find that I’m a bit stressed lately, but “good stressed” if that is possible. I love that our life’s are busy with meaningful stuff, me getting my education and driving sorted. However I still have a house to run, Jacob to look after, Lewis to pick up etc. The husband is still working evenings, so we still get to spend time together during the day, but he tends to get a lay in seeing as he generally gets home at 10.30 pm.

Jacob is growing so fast now and developing his skills every day. I measured his height a few days ago and he has grown 6.5 cm (about 2.5 inches) in four months and is now a whole 80 cm tall!

DSC_0306We’re keeping track of the boy’s heights by marking it on a conduit. If we ever move we could always just take it off and with us ; )

I also managed to get a hold of a brand new walking harness from Mothercare, in the charity shop for only £2! Online it says full price is £6.99 so I’m well happy with that bargain!

Me and Jake walked Lewis to school today, Jake loved being out and about. I’ve been wanting to take him for walk for a long time, but haven’t got a harness for him until now. I think I might have to keep it to one trip a day, rather than two. I could tell he was getting a bit tired on the way back, he kept stumbling and falling over, so I carried him the last little bit home. However, when we came to the door, and he realized his walk was over, he threw a strop like it was the end of the world! *smiles* I love that he loves to go for walks!

Speaking of walking, I need to get his feet measured again, because his shoes are getting really tight. However, I’m a bit cheeky when it comes to his shoes. I prefer for him to have the Clarks shoes, they are very good at making shoes for little people, but I cannot condone to pay £25 –  30 for a pair he is only going to wear for a few months. Me and Lister don’t even spend that on our shoes together! So I go and get his feet measured in the shop and then I go home and find a nearly brand new pair on Ebay for around £5 in the same size.

So yes, life is good at the moment, and busy! Hence why the blog is being a bit neglected. I’ve been meaning to write lots since new years, but when I have 5 minutes to myself I prefer to read my book or something similar.

But more on books and new years resolutions later!

This post is faaar long enough! *smiles*



2 responses to “2013 so far!

  1. veldig hyggelig og lese malin! :)^^
    lykke til med lappen, dødskult. det er et av mine nyttårsforsett. så bra au du liker skolen, hvilke fag tardu igjen, husker ikke helt. Godt å høre at bilulykken var alt for stor, selv om det høres skummelt nok ut 😛
    stor klem mathilde ❤

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