17 months!

I missed it! I looked at the date the other day and it was the 14th and now suddenly its the 16th! What on earth was I doing yesterday?

Anyway, this is how our past month looked!

DSC_0266We wore a nappy on our head at the pub. Dont worry, it was a clean one

DSC_0307We’ve been sticking our head in Lewis’s way when he played on his DS. Mario Cart is so much fun


DSC_0319Outdoor fun!

DSC_0364He wanted to get on the bike, but its a we bit too big *giggles*

DSC_0354Had fun with Jenna at the Forest Monkeys!

DSC_0388He loves the foam squares at nanny’s!

DSC_0395“They look great on my head too!”

We’ve had a good month, even if it is really cold at the moment. Jake loves being out walking and we try to do that as much as possible. We managed to drag dad with us to the play group last Friday and Jake thought it was great fun having dad chase him around.

Jacob has also been accepted into two baby and child modeling agency’s, which is really exciting. I’ve not decided if we’re going with either of them yet, still waiting for replies from three more. I’m not going to be one of those pushy mums that drags her kid around every casting there is, but if anyone have some interest in Jake for an advert or something similar, I think that would be fun. I’d love to have some professional pictures of him.

It is thanks to one of my friends that I got the idea of applying to some agency’s. She said her little girl, same age as Jake, got into a modeling agency, and I thought I should try that too. All mums think their baby is gorgeous, and I am no different. He’s been accepted into BizzyKids and Baby Models UK. However I don’t want to make a big fuss about it, my friend who got her little girl in is still really excited and I’d feel bad if I took over that spotlight, so I’ve chosen only to mention it here. But I am really excited!


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