Special memories

Wow, the world is weird. In the past three days we’ve had a ton of snow come down – and in this country we generally have 0-1 snow days a year. Also, every day for the past three days I’ve had a friends announce that they are pregnant – Stop it ladies, my ovaries are twitching! But of course, BIG congratulations, we’re so happy for all of you!

And the weird cherry on top, yesterday they called from Model Management, saying they loved Jake, that he has beautiful eyes and would like to see some more pictures of him! I was wow’d away,  I applied purely for fun. I’m super excited about this!

It feels like everything is being turned on it head. *laughs*

Oh and we took Jake to the weighing yesterday, he is now 25 lbs 3oz or 11.5 kg. No wonder my back is aching when I carry him around. I’m so happy he can walk about now! We (including daddy) went to the baby group and Jake produced two wonderful “masterpieces”

green handprint

green yellow hanprint

Magnificent, right? : )

545215_10151212886952499_1237681319_nMy gorgeous little man in the snow!



264161_404329829652878_382140126_nHe thought it was funny watching the dog chase the snow round!


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