Long time, no see!

Yes, its been a few months hasn’t it? I took some unintended time off from the blog, and its been nice, but I’ve also missed it. I woke up this morning, really wanting to get back to writing this blog and start a bit fresh, really!

We have been very busy recently, and we’re going to keep busy for a while! Got several birthdays coming up, and with summer finally coming I look forward to spending lots of time outside with Jake.

However, first off I must start with congratulating my lovely parents in law on their magnificent garden party yesterday! My mother-in-law turns 60 this week and they are also celebrating their Ruby anniversary this year, so yesterday they held a huge garden party with friends and family for the occasion. It was very lovely seeing everyone again! We had amazing weather as well, so the day was just perfect!

DSC_0220 Alan and Jenny, cutting their beautiful anniversary cake!

Happy Ruby Anniversary, we love you  ♥

DSC_0227The cakes were beautiful AND yummy!

DSC_0230Jake enjoyed himself as well! He was playing with nanny’s water fountain with help from uncle Danny!

DSC_0235Jacob adores water! ♥

DSC_0244And he of course also loves sand! So he ended up sat IN the sandbox, digging his feet into the sand. I eventually removed him from there when he thought it was a good game licking his foot, then sticking it in the sand, and licking it again. *crunch* 

DSC_0207Here is my beautiful boy picking his mummy some daisies!


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