Bargain of the day!

I’m not really much of a shopper, to be honest, mainly because we don’t have money to be big spenders. However, no matter if my pocket is full of cash or only got a few pennies in there – I always love a good bargain and always shop with a keen eye for saving money.

When I popped into one of the charity shops near me, I couldn’t believe what I found!

ImageA Nightmare before Christmas hand bag, in perfect condition! No signs of wear at all!

However, what made it a bargain was that I payed £2.99 for it! I mean, you can’t get bags with Jack and NBC for less than £10.

I am really chuffed with this buy, I absolutely love Jack, Nightmare before Christmas and Tim Burton in general!

DSC_0367The bag has Zero on the back, and says The Nightmare Before Christmas. The shoulder straps can come off, and make it a pure handbag!

Happy shopper today!


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