I am back!

I’ve been having this post in the back of my mind for well over a week now.

It’s been long, very long, but I finally have that urge to write again. I have several posts in the making but I wanted to make one, official “I’m BACK” post 🙂

I have loads to share with you and I’m going to rewamp the header and the bio for the blog. I feel it is a little outdated. My log isn’t anymore only going to be about Jacob (who is fine btw). And I know this blog never really was just about Jake, but that’s what the write up says.

I am going to be more honest with you guys. I felt for some reason I always had to paint this perfect picture of everything. Which is totally not me. I’m not perfect, my life isn’t perfect. I just want to share more of ME with you. This is a good thing, promise 😉

SO! I am going to get working on a little blog make over and some more posts! It feels really great to be back and writing! And if you are reading this, then I thank you! Thank you for clicking on my link, because in a world of 7 billion people its big for me that YOU should read something I wrote!


Wanted to share with you some of Jacob’s latest artwork! I totally agree that the sofa looks much better with glitter all over it!

Later, lovelies! x


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