Mirror restoration

So as most of you know, I am a stay at home mum to my (very soon to be) 3 year old son.

I’ve always been creative. As child I’d spend hours colouring and as I got older I would start drawing and colouring my own creations. I’ve always loved to create things with my hands. I make scrap books, jewellery, I like to sew – have made several costumes over the years. Writing is also a creative outlet for me. If you are creative yourself you’ll know what I mean when I say the creativity builds up if you don’t use it regularly. Eventually the creativity box is so full you just have to do anything creative! Paint my nails, change my hair – A lot of things happen when you have creative overload! lol

As an adult I’ve channeled my creativity into decorating as well. Not just painting a room, but making a feature wall and doing something creative with decorating. Being at home with my son gives me time to play around with things like painting stencils on the wall or work on a project. We are currently rebuilding our trailer, not that I class that as being creative, but it gives me the outlet I need by working on it with my hands.

We’ve spent a lot of time clearing out our garage which has lead to many trips to our local “dump” as its called commonly, but its a HWRC – Household Waste Recycling Center. They’ve made a little “shop” where they pick out things that are still to good to throw away and sell it really cheap. They have a lot of crap, but occasionally you find something that is worth getting. This mirror the title tells you about, is one of them.

DSC_0255They wanted £3 for this shabby, slightly water damaged mirror.

DSC_0257The black shades is where it has been kept damp and mold has stained the wood.

DSC_0256Now, we thought there was loads of potential in this wood frame.

DSC_0258So I gave it a bit of a sanding down. See the difference between the top and the side?

DSC_0259Covered the mirror in masking tape and got it all ready for a little colour!

DSC_0260Tools used: a sanding block. A paintbrush, a screwdriver, a plastic pot, a teak tree paint in satin finish and some masking tape.

Would you believe the paint cost more than the mirror?

DSC_0262Layer 1 of the teak paint goes on.

DSC_0263It got 3 layers in total. This still being layer 1. It was really dark inside so you can’t see much difference in the layers on the pictures.

Ready for the finished result?


In total to turn this mirror from shabby to classy cost £7.75 (including the price of the mirror)

I really like the red teak colour. I personally think it gives it an expensive look and looks great against the magnolia wall.

DSC_0264This is going to be hung up in the hallway, opposite of this wall. I really hope I can get hubby to put it up today!

(I feel drilling in concrete walls is more of a man thing, lol)

Please let me know what you think!

My creative fairy is quite satisfied with this 🙂


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