Food experiment. Marzipan!

I’m a cook. I cook everyday. I uphold that female role, cook food for everyone. The husband cooks too, but only generally the yearly fried English breakfast or a holiday. Like Christmas lamb or Easter lamb. Anyway.

The point here is that I cook, a lot. But I’m not particularly a good cook. The potential is there, but I’m not a natural. I tend to have to do things over and over before they reach that really good quality combined with looking good.

I absolutely adore recipes that tells you how things are supposed to look. “Like whisk until you see this and that.” Great. Then I know what to look for. And I really grind my teeth at those recipes where it says “until it looks ready” Wtf does ready look like? I’ve never made this before.

When I came back to blogging last month I told you I would be totally honest – show you ME. So today I made something I’ve never made before, home made marzipan. It sound crazy complicated – until you see the recipe. I was set on blogging about it even if it turned out to be a disaster (which when I make new things happens quite regularly)

I woke up this morning with a serious mid-week depression. The feeling that the week is just going and going and going..

So I decided to hunt the cupboard for anything I could make some comfort food with. Yeah good food makes me feel better, now shut up. lol.

When we were clearing out last weekend I came across a really old book. I thought it would be great to give to our 12 year old. He loves cooking, especially sweet stuff.

DSC_0279Yep. I bet you can’t guess when it was made..

DSC_0280Needless to say this book was nearly as old as I am now..when I was born. Clearly this book was made with me in mind.

However.. remember what I said about the recipe?

DSC_0278Pretty easy at first look. The only thing I didn’t have was 2 eggs.. So I decided to half the recipe.

Oh and I had almond flavoring and not essence.

And the recipe states it needs granulated IN the marzipan and to be turned in caster sugar. I only keep granulated and icing sugar, lol. But I decided to to my usual of “see how it goes” That’s my life motto, lol.

DSC_0272So I put the water and sugar in a pan. I ignored leaving it to soak for an hour, that just seems unnecessary when heating it up right away will have the same result. I put the cream of tartar in too.

DSC_0273My nicely measured ground almonds.

DSC_0274As I started putting the ground almonds in, it started looking like really funky soup.

Doubts appeared in my mind.

DSC_0275More almonds went in. Now it looks like baby porridge.

DSC_0276When all the almonds were in they seem to soak up all the liquid. I added the almond flavoring too at this point. Now it really looks like regular porridge.

DSC_0277Then it got really really dry. However it tasted amazing! So at this point I decided I didn’t care if turned into marzipan or not. I still had the 1 whisked egg white to add.

DSC_0281It got sloppy again when I added the egg white and the recipe now said to turn onto a tray and turn in caster sugar.

Well I decided to try with just normal granulated sugar.

DSC_0283And soon realized it was way too soggy and sticky to do anything with.

So again I ignored the recipe and put the lump of goo into some baking paper.

DSC_0284I rolled it into a sausage like the marzipan I used to buy in Norway comes as and twisted the ends in. And into the fridge it went. Still a little bit warm.

After about 30-45 minutes:

DSC_0285Boy was I surprised to see it actually looked like marzipan(ish)!

Clearly the whole turning in sugar wasn’t necessary. This worked just fine!


It is actually really fab! I think the recipe should have stated to use fine ground almonds for a smooth texture. However it isn’t necessary. When you eat this you clearly feel the chunky almond grounds, but it is still very nice. It would be no good for covering cake with tho, but as a treat it is just what I needed.

I am definitely going to make this again (sorry hubby – he hates almonds). This was half batch, but it think this is the right amount. It is really really sweet so you can’t eat much in one go. Maybe I even could experiment with using less sugar and see it makes a difference.

I have no idea!

I would love to hear from you food naturals!

Everything I do with cooking is trial and error so if anyone has any tips or advice – throw it at me!



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