About the blog

This blog is where I get to express myself. Either it is my feelings or creativity (sometimes maybe-not-so-good-ideas as well). I can’t guarantee everything you read is going to be fascinating, well written or great, but its going to be me. Just pure me-ness and finding my way of life in life.

Recently I’ve started pursuing my dream of becoming an author (I say author because I believe everyone can be a writer) and I’m knee-deep in writing my first book.

Both me and my husband are true bibliophila’s at heart, and he is my supportive rock when it comes to my writing. He might throw a pillow at me in the late hours I sit in bed tapping at my keyboard, but every time I’m about to throw it all out the door, he is the one to get me back on track.

Pursuing a dream is one of the best feelings in the world and after I “found my way” I’ve never looked back!


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