About Friva

Hello fellow earthling!

Friva is a name I obtained several years ago. Its like my persona. To me it is as natual as my “real” name, if thats what you would call it. In every online/social networking site/game/anything, I am Friva.

Friva is 24 years old and happily married. This blog is mainly about me and my family and my odd creativeness. Mostly I started this blog because I’m not as good as I’d like to, to write down by hand evey highlight of my beautiful little boy Jacob’s life. He was born the 15-08-11. So I use this blog, almost as a calender, writing down important or notable events that he may or may not read later in life.

I’m half norwegian, half swedish, born in Norway, living in England. I am like mentioned before a full time mother to my two sons (only one which I gave birth to). On my time off I love spending time on my computer and playing mmorpg’s with my husband. We both have hardcore gaming machines, which are our pride and joy. Some have xbox, we got computers. My music taste ranges from rock, metal and punk, yet I find myself tuning in to Radio 1 *laughs*

My passion is books, especially fantasy and horror fantasy. Me and my husband probably got between 600-800 books in our bedroom alone.

I am wiccan and follow the path of love and nature – Mind the threefold law you should, three times bad and three times good. I love the old victorian way of dressing and has recently started up making clothes and jewellery. I have all sorts of hobbies and I love doing anything creative as you will propably notice when you read my blog : ) I find that nature, great books and pretty things usually inspire all my madness and my husband is wonderfully supportive in everything that I do.

Ultimately I would love to become an author – a writer of fantasy.

If you want to contact me for any reason, feel free to do so on frivalicious.blogg@gmail.com : )

~ Stay magical!~


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